Our Story

About Atidot

Atidot was founded to address the needs of the life insurance market. Insurance companies face increasing challenges in understand the markets in which they operate; attracting and retaining customers whilst maintaining their core business competency. The task is becoming increasingly difficult. Data is abundant and analysis, legacy technology and methods lag behind. The need to collate vast amounts of data in different formats and stored in separate locations is imperative if you want to understand your policyholder.

Atidot has built a platform that fits those needs. We consume huge amounts of data (internal, external, social, IoT), then we value various advanced models with the target of best explaining customers' behavior. Atidot's platform then connects to the insurer’s profit model to directly link behavior to company profits. This allows us to suggest alternative courses of action together with the money benefit (EV) resulting from each one. This is all connected to your sales force to make it actionable and monitored.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Helping business executives and product managers to ask strategic business questions and get answers based on data and models

Consuming huge amounts of data automatically. Including cleansing, normalization and insurance feature detection

Correlating data with external sources such as open data, IoT and others

Simulating multiple models (AI, Machine Learning, and Actuarial Models) simultaneously to find the best one. Connecting data with profit to build actionable business decisions

Atidot’s technology helps insurers with client targeting, risk assessment, underwriting and pricing, client relationship during cover including client retention and claims management.

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