Our dashboards and APIs


Managerial dashboards

Our dashboards empower the non-technical user with the magic of data science. The dashboards speak the language of insurance business: show cohorts with the potential to up-sell, show profiles with a specific behavior, breakdown by agents, channels, products and more.

This is your working analysis tool.


Distribution dashboard

What is an insight worth if you cannot act on it?

Atidot's distribution dashboard allows you to see the leading leads from your book of business; What is the most relevant suggestion? Why were they chosen by the model? How are they different from their peer groups? This is your "people like you would be interested in" dashboard.


Atidot has an open platform. If you want us to integrate with your systems, dashboards, projection systems, and CRMs, we can easily do so with our APIs. 

We can also introduce you to our partners for a full product solution.

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The cloud infrastructure

The Atidot solution is deployed in the cloud, leveraging the best security and privacy settings provided by Microsoft Azure or Amazon's AWS. 

The proprietary architecture makes Atidot scalable, IT efficient and able to consume as much data as you could possibly want.