Solution for:

CFO's, chief actuaries,

in-force managers 

Reduce volatility, monetize your data, increase profitability​

Predict your in-force behavior

Monetize all your experience data, augment it with external data and build accurate projections of your in-force book of business. 

Predict premium persistency, lapse rates, up-sell, conversion rates, the probability to be under-insured, reaction to the market the product and more.

Augment predictions with your financial models for EV, profit, reserves and capital requirements.

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Influence and incentivize behavior

Prediction is just the tip of the iceberg. If you know your data, you can simulate scenarios, use the projections to manage your capital better, you could get better re-insurance prices, focus on cohorts with specific behaviors and smartly navigate your business decisions.

Case study: Atidot doubled the accuracy for lapse assumptions

This is not just a claim, Atidot's platform helped a mid-sized life insurance carrier to double their lapse assumptions accuracy. This accuracy translated into selecting the right cohorts for marketing, up-sell campaigns and retention efforts. 

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