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Solution for:

Sales, distribution, wholesalers, GAs and IFAs

Discover under-insurance

Turn the conversation with your customer, broker, agent or financial advisor. Offer the full lookalike experience, "people like you were interested in...", "based on the data, you probably want to consider...", become a value-add solution and not an insurance provider. Estimate potential under- insurance in any level, from the individual level to the portfolio level.

Understand your customers, generate up-sell, cross sell and retention

Predict lapse patterns

Preventing lapse is the easiest way for a company to grow. Most of the cost was already sunk but the long-term profit is not there yet. Once you know who in your book has high lapse potential, it is much easier for the company to be prepared. Market with the relevant marketing, not to approach for an up-sell when the customer isn't happy and be ready to save the relationship if something happens.

Case study: Atidot improved lead scores by 150%

Monetizing both internal in-force data and external data, leveraging Atidot's proprietary models, a top-tier life insurance carrier was able to improve lead scores by 150% within less than 100 days. 

Case study: Atidot increased a company's incoming premium by 35% 

By finding the right cohorts Atidot helped a company to strategize for retention. Predict and simulate what is the most effective retention efforts for those policyholders, what is the right premium level they can afford, what is the best bundle of product for them.

By using the right strategy the company could increase the premium collection by 35% annually.

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