Optimize Your Annuities with AI to Grow Your Profits

Decrease surrender, enhance distribution performance, maximize profitability

Get your surrender rate under control

Customers react differently to market conditions. Make sure you know who is likely to surrender and what you can offer them at any point in time. But most of all, it’s imperative to know who will stay on your book of business.

Get your surrender rate under control
Understand price elasticity

Understand price elasticity

Utilize advanced AI models to hyper-personalize the ideal annuity policy, complete with the optimal interest rate. This strategy ensures customer retention and fuels growth optimization within your book of business.

Measure and enhance distribution performance

Gain a comprehensive view of your agents and distribution channel performance, instantly assessing Lifetime Value (LTV) and annuitant profitability. Harness these insights to enhance your bottom line.

Measure and enhance distribution performance

Our annuities solution will enable you to:

  • Customer Behavior

    Predict customer surrender behavior

  • Insights Generation

    Get actionable insights with just a single click

  • Proactive Engagement

    Ensure customers roll over to a new annuity

  • Profit Enhancement

    Watch your profits soar with informed decisions