Addressing the Needs of Life Insurance Today with the Solutions of Tomorrow

The versatility of Atidot’s platform provides an answer to every insurer’s most pressing problems.

Atidot’s platform versatility gives
answers to any use case:

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    Understanding Policyholders

    30% of customers need a high level of personalized advice. With Atidot, you can better understand individual policyholders to make sure they are properly insured.

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    Predicting Customer Needs

    Atidot even allows you to predict policyholders’ financial needs so you can identify upsell and cross sell opportunities and offer customers the right product at the right time and price.

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    Knowing Who
    Will Lapse

    30% of policyholders aren’t actively receiving services, which is the main reason for lapsation. Atidot tells you who will lapse, where and why so you can retain more policyholders and start saving resources immediately.

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    Implementing a
    Retention Plan

    If you don't have a retention plan, Atidot can implement a customized outreach program to prevent lapsation for you, keeping more policies and valuable customers on your books.

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    Finding the Profit

    Assigned policies are 2X more profitable than their non-assigned counterparts. Atidot provides an end-to-end solution to increase customer satisfaction and potentially increase the face value of their policies.

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    Reaching the Right Customers

    We’ll let you know which customers need better service, and how best to reach them. To save you valuable time, Atidot also offers a comprehensive solution where we implement this service on your behalf.

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    Going Beyond

    Atidot goes far beyond running modules on your in-force data to produce insights. Our insights are streamlined into marketing actions and policyholder outreach, yielding new revenues at a very low risk.

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    Having an End-to-End Solution

    Atidot provides a full end-to-end solution, including a bespoke tailored CRM solution that captures all data and seamlessly connects with your legacy systems.

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    Product Dashboards

    Use Atidot’s sophisticated, real-time product dashboards to understand why products are succeeding or underperforming based on parameters like geography, age groups, health conditions and more.

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    Distribution Dashboards

    Renegotiate or improve your distribution agreements based on what your direct competitors are doing. Predict broker trends and understand your channels’ strengths and weaknesses to make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

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    Your Process

    Gain a deep understanding of your underwriting process and optimize your placement ratio.

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    Stay Ahead of
    your Competition

    Atidot’s customized insights will show you exactly where you are improving and where you are losing customers to your competition.

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    On Point

    If you are a TPA or a BPO, accurately estimate the potential within your book of business for any purpose, with Atidot’s predictive analytics.

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    Efficient, Real-Time Assessments

    Gain a deep understanding of the embedded risks as well as upsell and cross sell potential by running advanced analytics that are fast to implement and scalable.

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    Improved profitability
    and credibility

    Improve profitability and efficiency by providing your agents and brokers with real-time recommendations for their customers
    at the point of sale.

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    See who is underinsured compared to their peers, which policies are at risk of lapsation and what their Lifetime Value (LTV) is projected to be before they place the policy.


It’s not just about technology; it’s about turning insights into growth with better data science, better AI and better operationalization.

  • Advanced AI, machine learning algorithms and technology designed to generate smart insights about your customers.
  • The platform highlights valuable insights in our interactive dashboards, and alerts you about how and when to act to get the right results.
  • Atidot can operationalize the platform’s insights to generate growth, seamlessly integrating with legacy systems, applying marketing campaigns and plans.

Life Insurance Profits Are Directly Driven by Long-Term Policy Behavior

Atidot lets you manage, predict and optimize your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) in real time with auditable, traceable and scalable software, replacing expensive external consultants, inaccurate models with poor yields and siloed data.

Life Insurance Profits Are Directly Driven by Long-Term Policy Behavior

Our Strategic Customers and Partners

We bring solution providers together from across the digital spectrum, creating a network strategically designed to help carriers modernize with ease.

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