Atidot Optimal: AI Solutions for
In Force Customers

Leverage the Power of AI to Generate New Revenues from Existing Customers

The Challenge

Optimize the Value of Your Data

  • Customer behavior

    Predict customer behavior throughout their life journey

  • Stay up to date

    Overcome outdated tech stack

  • Utilize technology

    Leverage advanced technology without complex integration

  • Loyalty

    Boosting customer satisfaction

  • Timely accessible results

    Receive real-time results with minimal resources

Atidot Optimal

our Analytics platform: AI & Predictive Analytics Solutions for Life Insurers

We provide actionable insights on existing customers with the click of a button. Our cloud-based platform is designed to generate new business using insights that capture value from new and existing customers.

Dashboards and alerts generate real-time insights and predictions on customer behavior and their respective premium potential.

our Analytics platform: AI & Predictive Analytics Solutions for Life Insurers

Atidot Connect

our engagement platform: Engage with High-Intent Customers

Don’t stop at smart targeting and quality lead generation, our Gold Level Service Package includes a platform that can:

  • Automatically launch marketing campaigns
  • Send text messages
  • Add call center support
  • Automatically trigger email journeys to high-intent leads

We enable you to generate growth, seamlessly integrating with legacy systems, all with a button click.

What is Atidot’s AI software

Atidot’s Advanced Technology at Your Fingertips

Our vast experience means we understand how to translate data and analytics into growth.