Atidot Max: AI Based Solution that Drives New Customers

Power up your distribution channels with
AI predictive analytics solutions

Atidot MAX

AI Based Solution that Leverages Proprietary Data

Atidot MAX is an AI based solution that leverages proprietary data to identify your customers online so
you can reach them faster, better, and at scale.

  • Return on investment

    Improve return on investment by up to 50%

  • Lead cost

    Potentially lower lead cost by 80%

  • Cost of acquisition

    Decrease cost of acquisition by up to 65%

  • Marketing

    Optimize marketing campaigns

  • Response rate

    Increase lead conversion

  • Customer behavior

    Detect customer behavior patterns and identify trends


Accelerate your online digital campaigns to their full potential

  • 3x 25

    Number of Policies Acquired

  • 65% 65

    Decreased CAC

  • 8x 80

    Reduced Lead Cost

Atidot proprietary AI Modules

proprietary AI Modules trained
on 30 million policies

Leveraging our solutions, we work with industry leaders to accelerate digital capabilities, increase conversion, and better target leads. And we don’t stop there; We offer an end-to-end solution that not only helps you find your customers but also delivers them to you on any platform you choose. 

Atidot Connect

our engagement platform: Engage with High-Intent Customers

Don’t stop at smart targeting and quality lead generation; our Gold Level Service Package includes a platform that can:

  • Automatically launch marketing campaigns
  • Send text messages
  • Add call center support
  • Automatically trigger email journeys to high-intent leads

We enable you to generate growth, seamlessly integrating with legacy systems, all with a button click.