Unlock the Potential of Your Data.
Watch Premiums Boom.

Generate new premiums by optimizing your customer’s Lifetime Value leveraging the power of AI

Reduce Volatility, Monetize Data, Increase Profitability

Data is a life insurer's greatest asset. Atidot's Al & machine learning solutions give you the tools to monetize data like never before, providing real-time actionable insights into customer behavior. Why compromise on efficiency? Atidot's insights help you make smarter business decisions at just the right time with just one click.

Best in Class

Our best in class AI Predictive Analytics enables life insurance and annuity companies to take advantage of their data and generate actionable insights to drive LifeTime Value (LTV) growth and meet customers' needs today and in the future.

Atidot Named '2019 Cool Vendor in Insurance'
for Its Predictive Analytics Solution

Increase Book of Business
Value by 4X

Watch business grow

Turn smart insights into actions and real growth with our operationalization model. Increase your book of business or assets value by 4X.

Easy process, low on resources, one click away

With just one click, our platform helps customers reduce risks, predict the future, and improve profitability.

Easy process, low on resources, one click away
Win customer loyalty

Win customer loyalty

Develop highly personalized and proactive communication with your customers to capitalize on loyalty-building opportunities that generate new premiums.

What is Atidot’s AI software

Atidot’s Advanced Technology at Your Fingertips

Our vast experience means we understand how to translate data and analytics into growth.

We Have the Solution for the Life Insurance Industry

By combining the knowledge and experience of leading data scientists and actuaries, Atidot has developed a novel technology designed specifically to answer the biggest problems facing the industry.

Actionable Insights

Discover and track both behavior and performance in every part of your value chain to inform decision-making.

Real Time Notifications

Receive alerts in real time through our interactive dashboards so you can follow changes minute by minute, and never miss an opportunity.

Data Enhancement

Enrich your data with proprietary and third party data. Integrated into your in- force data, this valuable information will provide you with the best possible overview of your book of business.

Predictive Modeling

Use your data to test potential case scenarios and track current trends into the future. Lower your risk, make smarter decisions.

Interactive Dashboards

Control your data and gain unique insights and ‘what if’ scenarios using our interactive dashboards. Measure progress, predict potential revenue, and drill all the way down to the policyholder level. Use the platform as a collaborative tool to align decision makers and teams.

Comparative Dashboards

Get ultra-competitive analysis in real time, derived from our proprietary database that amasses information on 60% of U.S. life insurance policyholders.

Executive Dashboards

Make strategic decisions based on insights produced by Atidot’s algorithms. Identify cohorts with potential upsell and cross-sell value, broken down by product, agent, geography, distribution, channel and more.

Product/Distribution Dashboards

Sophisticated cohorts show your leading distributors and products, and outline the specifics of what you need to do to increase sales.


Atidot's open platform and on-site or cloud-based infrastructure seamlessly connects with your existing systems, including CRMs, policy administration and more.

Privacy & Security

Atidot has gone to great lengths to ensure a high standard of privacy and security, and is PII compliant.

Smart AI

Atidot's AI algorithms get smarter and provide increasingly accurate insights, which evolve over time as more data flows through the platform.

Scalable, Efficient and Cloud-Based

Atidot’s platform is a cloud agnostic infrastructure, and can run on AWS, Azure etc, enabling a high degree of scalability and efficiency.

Unique Understanding

Atidot's platform has been trained on some 30 million life insurance policies. We understand your data structure and process, and we know how to translate them into growth.


Atidot's modules generate nano-segmentation profiling of your policyholders based on your specific existing data and with the help of enriched data.

Deep Actuarial and Insurance knowledge

Built from deep knowledge and understanding of life insurance and actuarial science, our technology and solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. Our embedded domain expertise are an integral part of our product features and those nuances make all the difference.