Understand Your Customer’s Needs.
Unlock the Potential of Your Data.
Watch Business Boom.

Reduce Volatility, Monetize Data, Increase Profitability

Data is a life insurer's greatest asset. Atidot's AI & machine learning solutions give you the tools to monetize data like never before, providing real time actionable insights into customer behavior. Why compromise on efficiency? Atidot's insights help you make smarter business decisions at just the right time.

  • Product Approach

    Forget about spreadsheets and models that are quickly outdated. Atidot’s versatile product solution is scalable, automated and completely customized to your needs.
  • API’s and Dashboards

    Use either APIs, or dedicated dashboards specialized for life insurance and annuities. Add and change inputs as needed to generate new models and projections in real-time.
  • Increase Book of Business Value by 4X

    Atidot's insights maximize efficiency in service and coverage for each policyholder, avoiding losses and increasing profits.
  • Predict In-Force Behavior

    Monetize your data, augment it with external data, and build accurate projections of your in-force book of business.
  • Operationalize Your Insights

    Turn smart insights into actions and real growth with our operationalization model.

Atidot Named '2019 Cool Vendor in Insurance' for Its Predictive Analytics Solution

Emerging vendors are offering in-depth machine learning and analytical capabilities to drive greater return on investment across the insurance value chain. Insurance CIOs can learn from Gartner's Cool Vendor innovations in intelligence-based technologies to improve accuracy and automate decisions.

  • Guardian and Atidot, working together, are uniquely positioned to bring 160 years of experience and underwriting knowledge together with the most modern technology to create new opportunities for consumers, our policyholders and our agents. Tom Olds
    SVP Enterprise Data Analytics Guardian Life Insurance
  • We’re taking the first steps to digitally transform our business with EHR data. Integrating Atidot platform into our applications and merging our databses with this powerful tool is just the beginning. We’re paving the road for a future with automated rules engines, new risk-scoring solutions, decision support tools, and more. Electronic health records (EHR) data is a rich new medical data source with huge potential to change how we do business, and partnering with Atidot is a core part of our innovation strategy. Kevin Molloy
    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Guardian Life Insurance Guardian Life Insurance
  • Given rapidly shifting buying trends, we were seeking a predictive analytics solution to help us drive future product performance with a high level of confidence. We are excited about enriching our analytics with new, actionable insights to guide our decisions, minimize risk, and optimize efforts to grow our business while better serving the needs of our customers. Mary Bahna-Nolan
    Head of Product Innovation and Strategy Life Insurance Division Pacific Life
  • Adding the power of Atidot’s AI models to our GIDP TM ecosystem can further enable our clients to enhance the customer experience capabilities to develop mature conservation programs, mitigate unintended risks, and gives them the intelligence to drive growth objectives by optimizing ROI and increasing efficiencies for growth. Mercedes Concepcion-Gray
    Chief Strategy and Growth Leader, Insurance NTT DATA Services

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