Understand Life

Life insurance platform for all your in-force needs and decision making 

From our actuaries to yours

Atidot’s technology was designed by data scientists and actuaries, to address the specific needs of the life insurance industry. Our vast insurance experience ensures that we understand the data and analytical processes that translate into growth.

Insurance data understanding

Connect your in-force data from various sources (admin system, CRM, policy admin), use Atidot to automatically enrich, normalize and cleanse the data; leverage Atidot's insurance data layout to generate more information; and monetize the data in your systems.

Insurance behavior modeling

Model the behavioral aspects of life insurance, augment the models with your actuarial models; and generate accurate projections and predictions of your book of business. Predict the likelihood of being in a protection gap, premium payment patterns, and probability to lapse.

Actionable insights

Insights and projections on the book level empower your strategic decision making. Our dedicated dashboards and APIs provide signals about individual policyholders who are highly likely to be under-insured and risk lapsing and compare them to their peer groups.

Do you want to see it in action?

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