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The Life Insurance Data Platform

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Harnessing clients' untapped proprietary data while seamlessly integrating new and growing sources of social, open and sensor data. Using our automatic insurance data understanding tool to turn huge amounts of data into insurance knowledge

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Empowering analytic business decisions by connecting actuarial results with profit and sales force. Helping technical and non technical users run analysis automatically, leaving your professionals to focus on harder projects that require internal knowledge to conduct

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Supporting human research with advanced prescriptive (AI, Machine Learning) tools, designed using our own proprietary research, to provide actionable business insights. Simulating and experimenting strategies to drive growth

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“Atidot creats new opportunities for the development of new products; improved underwriting and risk management; and a radically enhances customer engagement.”

Rick Huckstep, The Digital Insurer

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Atidot converts data into actionable business decisions

Understanding the value of your marketing efforts can be easy!
Choosing the right segments, optimizing the distribution channels and valuing the customers are key for good marketing. Atidot's Insurance Data Platform enables this research. Just pour in all your data sources, run the models and start working. Build target audiences based on trends and historic behavior, experiment different strategies and convert them easily to increase in value.

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Do you know why people lapse?
Lapses are the biggest exposure of life policies. Understanding lapse reasons, and a proactive retention program, is the easiest way to grow your business. Atidot's Insurance Data Platform discovers with you who is about to lapse and why. Knowing in advance makes the difference, now you can build the proposition to retain the customer.

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Up sales is the best revenue channel for life policies!
Bundling the right riders and offering the offer no one can refuse is an art. Using data to do it, is pure science. Atidot's Insurance Data Platform helps you figure it out. Find the right combinations of riders and products and score your customers based on their tendency to accept the offer if proposed.

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How do you price the product?
Are your commissions based on customers' value?
Unlocking customers' EV should be the key for value optimization. Commissions, pricing, underwriting costs if derived from EV can change your bottom line. Atidot's Insurance Data Platform build with you the tables according to customers' EV. We help you discover the most important features, the value of each segment and score your agents, distribution channels and underwriting costs.

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4.7 million policies analyzed
500 million unique data points
15 percent uplift to internal models