Analyze. Act. Profit.

Increase the value of your data and grow your customer’s Lifetime Value with the power of AI and predictive analytics.


Data Is Only Valuable When You Can
Make Sense of It

Life insurance companies are struggling to grow, reduce risk and
improve profitability for several reasons:

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    New providers are offering native, digital solutions to next-gen customers.

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    Data science is applied through non-productized tools.

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    Modules don’t provide real time results.

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    Actuarial module insights are not personalized at the policyholder level.

Finally, these long-standing problems
are now a thing of the past

Atidot's Platform Architecture

Model and gain actionable insights into customer behavior over
time by generating accurate insights using AI, Machine
Learning and Predictive Analytics


Are You Ahead of the Curve?

We Have the Solution for the Life Insurance Industry

By combining the knowledge and experience of leading data scientists and
actuaries, Atidot has developed a novel technology designed specifically to
answer the biggest problems facing the industry.

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    Actionable Insights

    Discover and track both behavior and performance in every part of your value chain to inform decision-making.

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    Real Time Notifications

    Receive alerts in real time through our interactive dashboards so you can follow changes minute by minute, and never miss an opportunity.

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    Data Enhancement

    Enrich your data with proprietary and third party data. Integrated into your in-force data, this valuable information will provide you with the best possible overview of your book of business.

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    Predictive Modeling

    Use your data to test potential case scenarios and track current trends into the future. Lower your risk, make smarter decisions.

Atidot's Solution Drives Growth Across the Value Chain:

360° View of the Market


Real Time Data Drives Action


Unlocking Up to 4X Book of Business Value

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

  • 30%
    Top-Line Growth

    50% improvement in
    revenues from up-sell potential

    5X ROI for Retention plans
    implemented by Atidot

    15% improvement in placement

  • 6XROI
    On Operational Efficiency
    for Orphaned policies

    Targeted campaigns with
    significant cost saving

    Personalized messaging to the right person at the right time

    Full solution to
    operationalize insights with digital journeys

  • 12X
    Accurate Predictions

    Models with significant
    accuracy lift

    Ability to fine tune results
    based on business requirements

    Models leverage proprietary
    life insurance data

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