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Insurance data understanding

Turn your liabilities into assets

"92% of life insurers say they do not actively use big data and predictive analytics to inform decision making"

Are you ahead of the curve?

Automatic insurance specific cleansing and tagging on internal data

Atidot's data tool is using a domain specific lateral approach to tag automatically life insurance attributes in your data. We developed a proprietary life insurance data model and we look for the entities in your data. Premiums, covers, owners, beneficiaries, etc. 

Using AI and Neural Networks we can scrap your data and in a statistical way to correlate it smartly and efficiently to our data model. 


Turning a manual process to automatic

Upload data from any systems - policy admin, cash flow management, CRM, agent management systems

Upload data in any format - csv, xls, SQL data dumps, JSONs

Enrichment with external data sources

Anyone can purchase external data. You do not need more than a credit card. The magic is how to augment external data to internal data. Issue date can be a meaningless data point or it could be an indication of a house purchase, interest rate change, liquidity issues.

Atidot collects, scraps, and acquires external data sources that are relevant for an insurance business. We normalize the data and augment it to internal data so your data will be meaningful and will tell you stories about your customers.

Our data sources include financial data (interest rate, market changes, currency rates), demographic data (census, age, gender and marital status distribution), geo related data (house prices, number of rooms, mortgage listing) and more.

Privacy and security

We take our clients' data seriously. Atidot is a certified Microsoft partner and we are using the Azure services to make sure we address all your privacy, IT security and compliance concerns. Our solutions will be located in the same geography as your company, access will be granted as defined by your security protocols and there will be no mix between clients' proprietary data and other data streams without permission.

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