SCOR and its subsidiary ReMark announce a partnership with Atidot on a new in-force performance solution for life insurers

SCOR and its subsidiary ReMark announce that they have signed a partnership agreement with Atidot on a solution designed to increase in-force business value for life insurers. The innovative digital solution will deliver significant value for the partners’ clients by better predicting policyholder behavior and developing engaging marketing strategies to retain customers.

A global reinsurer, SCOR continues to leverage its industry expertise and collaboration with ecosystem partners to design and offer innovative solutions to its clients that help drive growth, solve key business problems, and achieve strategic objectives.

“SCOR believes that it’s not enough for a reinsurer to provide competitive reinsurance in today’s market. This partnership reflects our commitment to foster solutions that add value to our clients, and to ensure that life insurance meets the needs of more consumers in a personalized and engaging way,” says Rick Pretty, Senior Vice President and Head of Knowledge Commercialization at SCOR.

The solution combines Atidot’s artificial intelligence and data modeling platform, with ReMark’s solid marketing expertise and consumer insight. Insurance companies can expect to better engage with customers, improve retention of existing policies, optimize policyholder coverage and increase the value of their in-force business. The partners have a strong track record in the U.S. market.

“This partnership provides a unique solution in the industry,” says Dror Katzav, CEO and Founder of Atidot. “Our predictive modeling is based on advanced data science and enriched data that creates a whole new level of engagement opportunities for customers and advisors. It’s a win-win.”

Because carriers’ business objectives and distribution needs vary, this new solution was designed to be customizable and flexible. Atidot will first score carrier data sets to identify policies that, for example, are likely to lapse in the next four to six months. ReMark will then use this analysis to develop appropriate marketing campaigns aimed at proactively preventing lapse and following up on those leads with a high propensity to buy. The solution can be easily adapted to also identify opportunities within a customer database for upselling and cross-selling. It is end-to-end, and includes insurer and agent-branded communications, as well as personalized marketing and sales execution strategies.

Steve Gaertner, Senior Vice President, Distribution Strategies for ReMark adds, “We are proud to bring ReMark’s proven experience of engaging end-consumers to the table, having run over 12,000 campaigns to date. This solution is easy to implement for carriers and I’m excited to see how it will improve our clients’ business outcomes.”


Atidot is a cloud-based AI and predictive analytics solutions provider for life insurance companies. Our data-driven turnkey solutions directly impact companies across the value chain, help them serve their customers better, and generate new revenue streams. Founded by a team of data scientists and actuaries, Atidot works with leading carriers in North America and Europe to optimize their book of business. Atidot has offices in California, the UK, and Israel and was awarded by Gartner to be ‘Cool Vendor 2019’ in Insurance.’

About ReMark

ReMark is a global insurance consultancy helping insurers worldwide grow sustainably. Part of the SCOR Group, since 1984 they’ve reached over 1 billion people with their data intelligence, marketing and technology solutions, and ran over 12,000 campaigns. ReMark is the brand behind the award-winning Good Life health & wellness app and Velogica underwriting software.

They work with over 500 insurers, as well as with partners outside the industry, like Garmin, local governments and more. Each year ReMark publishes the largest survey of insurance consumers worldwide—the Global Consumer Study—relied upon by industry leaders to stay informed on current trends.


SCOR, the world’s fourth largest reinsurer, offers its clients a diversified and innovative range of solutions and services to control and manage risk. Applying “The Art & Science of Risk”, SCOR uses its industry-recognized expertise and cutting-edge financial solutions to serve its clients and contribute to the welfare and resilience of society.

SCOR offers its clients an optimal level of security with its AA- rating or equivalent from S&P, Moody’s, Fitch and AM Best. The Group generated premiums of more than EUR 17.5 billion in 2021, and serves clients in more than 160 countries from its 36 offices worldwide.

Guardian Group Selects Sapiens to Accelerate Its Underwriting Processes and Achieve Automation for 95% of Cases

Sapiens solution will transform Guardian’s consumer/agent experience, enabling consistency of underwriting practices across the group and smarter underwriting

Sapiens International Corporation (NASDAQ and TASE: SPNS), a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, announced today that Guardian Group, a $1 billion carrier serving 21 countries across the English and Dutch Caribbean, is integrating Sapiens solution for accelerated underwriting for their life and health operations in Trinidad, Jamaica and Curacao.

The solution includes Sapiens UnderwritingPro, Sapiens Intelligence, and Atidot Predictive Analytics, which is pre-integrated through Sapiens PartnerHub – and will leverage Sapiens best practices, new data sources, and AI to support accelerated underwriting. Sapiens solution will automate Guardian Group’s numerous manual processes associated with underwriting, thus freeing up their underwriters to focus on complex and exception cases. Cases can be auto-decisioned using rules and criteria configured by business users, and Guardian will have the flexibility of auto-decisioning as much as 95% of its fluid-less cases.

Sapiens solution will identify bottlenecks in the underwriting process and enable Guardian to shorten the cycle time while enabling consistency of underwriting practices across Guardian Group. Advanced analytics, predictive model, and AI will be used to allow Guardian Group to further tune and improve their underwriting requirements enriched with third-party data and reach an automation level of 95% of cases.

“Guardian Group’s goal is to innovate and disrupt how policies are underwritten and to transform the consumer/agent experience. Sapiens is empowering that mission by enabling us to accelerate the future through innovation,” said Naresh Mongroo, Guardian Group Chief Data Officer.

“Building an autonomous company that’s able to stand alone and deliver efficiency and productivity requires optimal processes around culture, people, and systems,” said Alan Sadler, Guardian Group Chief Operating Officer. “Sapiens shares the same DNA and supports our mission to operate as one integrated, customer-centric company that delivers its brand promise consistently, at every customer touchpoint.”

“Sapiens is delighted to align with Guardian’s mission and to partner with them to deliver on all their accelerated underwriting needs. We offer a one-stop-shop that addresses all accelerated underwriting needs,” said Jamie Yoder, Sapiens North America President & General Manager. “We are pleased to provide Guardian the functionality to integrate and augment all of their data into a complete insurance hub, gaining operational insight to finetune critical decision-making across the entire life insurance value chain.”

About Guardian Group

Guardian Group, a $1 billion carrier serving the markets of 21 countries across the English and Dutch Caribbean, including Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Curacao, Aruba, St. Maarten, and Bonaire, today signed Sapiens SaaS agreements for accelerated underwriting solution for their life & health operations. Guardian Group, whose history dates back nearly 170 years, offers coverage lines including life, health, property, and casualty in addition to products and services in areas such as asset management and bancassurance. Guardian Holdings Limited (GHL) is the parent company of an integrated financial services group known as Guardian Group. For more information visit


Health Gorilla Partners with Atidot to Provide Aggregated and Actionable Healthcare Data

Atidot, a Silicon Valley startup that provides a next-generation AI and predictive modeling platform for understanding policyholder needs, and Heath Gorilla, the leading provider of healthcare data, recently announced a strategic partnership focused on providing data access and management tools that life insurers use to overhaul their customers’ journey from underwriting to portfolio management.

The comprehensive master patient index and record locator services offered through our platform will enable Atidot’s life insurers to match available medical records with the appropriate person and enhance their risk assessment, operational efficiency, and policyholder engagement.

The partnership will also improve the experience of Atidot’s life insurance customers during critical stages of their journey. Health Gorilla’s access to and connectivity with health and wellness data sources, coupled with Atidot’s proprietary technology, which understands and predicts policyholder needs and preferences, will allow top insurers to engage, measure, and proactively manage risks of their new and existing business.

Working alongside Atidot creates a strong market relationship for both transformational organizations. Together we will streamline and improve how new business is underwritten and managed. Our team will also receive bi-directional data exchanges with Atidot’s network, allowing us to continue closing the nationwide interoperability gap.

Please check out the full press release for additional information on the strategic partnership between Atidot and Health Gorilla.

If you are interested in expanding the data available to your insurers or underwriters, the Health Gorilla team is here to help. We will work with you to configure the connection between our FHIR-based APIs, and your application based on your organization’s unique workflows and provide access to the Health Gorilla development sandbox. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions through the testing and validation period. If you have any additional questions or are interested in exploring a partnership with Health Gorilla, please contact us.

Sapiens Partners with Atidot to Offer AI-based Predictive Insights and Personalization to Life Insurance Providers

Integrated offering empowers insurers to enhance value and profitability across the life insurance value chain.

Guardian and Atidot Partner to Create New Insurance Models and Customer Experiences

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian Life) today announced it has entered into a joint venture with the AI and predictive analytics innovators at Atidot. The collaboration is focused on creating a platform that deploys artificial intelligence and machine learning to power data driven decision-making that helps make insurance products and services easier for consumers to understand and buy.
“Guardian and Atidot, working together, are uniquely positioned to bring 160 years of experience and underwriting knowledge together with the most modern technology to create new opportunities for consumers, our policyholders and our agents,” said Tom Olds, SVP and Head of Enterprise Data Analytics at Guardian Life. “Bringing the power of these tools to consumers and our colleagues that work on their behalf has significant potential for improving service and satisfaction.”
While the platform will streamline service for customers that own or seek uncomplicated insurance solutions, the focus is on using the most advanced data analytic techniques available to simplify and accelerate processes like development, underwriting, marketing and distribution. The team looks to leap forward in responding quickly to consumer needs and making complex insurance and financial products less cumbersome to buy and sell.
“The opportunity to work so closely with Guardian Life to provide a new, personalized experience to their customers is truly exciting,” Says Dror Katzav, Atidot’s CEO and Co-Founder.
The venture will create a customer-centric platform to serve all consumers better– from those that want a completely digital buying experience to those who seek knowledge and guidance from a financial professional. The venture will be led by Mr. Katsav and supported by a dedicated team from Atidot and Guardian, as well as new hires with expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.
Source: PR Newswire

Atidot Appoints Valentina Isakina as Senior Advisor

Valentina Isakina brings a wealth of global strategy, digital transformation, regulatory, and C-suite financial services experience.

Atidot, an innovative AI & Machine Learning Solutions Provider for Life Insurers, announced today the appointment of Valentina Isakina as Senior Advisor. Valentina brings to Atidot many years of world-class experience as a global executive, having led and advised multinational Fortune 100 insurance companies, global financial institutions, governments, and early-stage companies. As part of the agreement, Isakina will join Atidot’s Advisory Board.
Isakina’s previous roles include advisor for the Office of Tony Blair, strategy for Nationwide Insurance, and consulting roles at McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and Milliman Inc. Most recently she served as Managing Director, Financial Institutions for JobsOhio, leading digital transformation for the Ohio financial services sector. Her core expertise includes strategy, digital transformation, innovation, private equity, financial services/fintech, impact investing and more.
Valentina holds an MBA from Cornell, a Master’s in Actuarial Science, and a Bachelor’s in Risk Management from Georgia State University. She is also a CFA charterholder
“Valentina is highly respected in the global financial services community thanks to her unique combination of analytical and world-class strategy expertise with global financial institutions, equity funds, and startups,” says Dror Katzav, Co-Founder and CEO of Atidot. “Her broad strategic perspective as well as the extensive technical know-how in our field of expertise will bring significant value to Atidot as we grow and extend our global reach. We welcome her to Atidot and look forward to working with her to increase our leadership in our sphere and explore new horizons together.”
“I am delighted to support Atidot in its quest for creating value in insurance,” says Isakina. “The industry is in the middle of a massive transformation, and Atidot, with its innovative cloud-based data science solutions platform, is at the forefront of this opportunity.”

About Atidot:

Atidot is a leader in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for the life insurance and annuity industry. Atidot’s cloud-based platform provides insurers with data-driven, actionable insights that create new revenue-generating opportunities to increase sales and customer retention. Atidot solutions also provide a deep understanding of insurers’ product positioning and competitive landscape, enabling carriers to adjust their product strategy and react quickly to changing market conditions and competition. Atidot works with industry leaders in North America and in Europe and was selected by Gartner to be ‘Cool Vendor 2019 in Insurance’. The company has offices in California, London, Spain, and Israel.


Pacific Life to Optimize Market Penetration with iPipeline/Atidot Analytics

Anthony R. O’Donnell

The predictive analytics models provide real-time analysis of impact from product and pricing changes based on prior sales.

Pacific Life (Newport Beach, Calif.) has selected iPipeline’s (Exton, Pa.) InsureSight case analytics, with Atidot’s (Tel Aviv) predictive analytics models, to analyze the impact of product and pricing changes based on prior sales performance and industry data. The ability to predict future performance based on product selection, producer group, producer, location, demographic, and other critical factors will enable Pacific Life to adjust its product, pricing, or distribution strategy dynamically to optimize market penetration, according to an iPipeline statement.

“Given the current state and rapidly shifting buying trends, we were seeking a predictive analytics solution to help us drive future product performance in the marketplace with a high level of confidence,” comments Mary Bahna-Nolan, SVP, Head of Product Innovation and Strategy Life Insurance Division, Pacific Life. “The iPipeline/Atidot predictive analytics models cover multiple dimensions of our business, and we expect this to provide valuable guidance immediately after implementation. We are excited about enriching our analytics with new, actionable insights to guide our decisions, minimize risk, and optimize efforts to grow our business while better serving the needs of our customers.”

Stepping into the Future of Product Design

“Pacific Life is clearly stepping into the future of product design and pricing with the implementation of InsureSight case analytics and Atidot’s predictive analytics models,” comments Larry Berran, CEO, iPipeline. “Based on the results, they will be able to optimize market penetration on demand.”

iPipeline claims that its approach to predictive modeling is unique in that it leverages its independent channel data for competitive benchmarking, which it describes as the most comprehensive and current private database in the industry.  “Insurers like Pacific Life can now gain newfound visibility and insights into the business it puts on the books and current market trends to drive their success and build market share,” Berran asserts.

“Insurers need to implement next-gen solutions that enable them to immediately understand buyer and market dynamics,” comments Dror Katzav, CEO and Co-Founder, Atidot. “We live in a volatile environment and buying preferences can change overnight. By using our predictive analytics models together with iPipeline’s case analytics, Pacific Life will gain deep insight into the competitive carrier landscape. Given the fallout from COVID-19, this solution is one of the best ways to navigate in real-time the uncertainty in today’s selling environment.”