Atidot Appoints Valentina Isakina as Senior Advisor

Atidot Appoints Valentina Isakina as Senior Advisor

March 23rd, 2021

Tel Aviv, Israel (BusinessWire)


Atidot, an innovative AI & Machine Learning Solutions Provider for Life Insurers, announced today the appointment of Valentina Isakina as Senior Advisor. Valentina brings to Atidot many years of world-class experience as a global executive, having led and advised multinational Fortune 100 insurance companies, global financial institutions, governments, and early-stage companies. As part of the agreement, Isakina will join Atidot’s Advisory Board.


Isakina’s previous roles include advisor for the Office of Tony Blair, strategy for Nationwide Insurance, and consulting roles at McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and Milliman Inc. Most recently she served as Managing Director, Financial Institutions for JobsOhio, leading digital transformation for the Ohio financial services sector. Her core expertise includes strategy, digital transformation, innovation, private equity, financial services/fintech, impact investing and more.


Valentina holds an MBA from Cornell, a Master’s in Actuarial Science, and a Bachelor’s in Risk Management from Georgia State University. She is also a CFA charterholder.


“Valentina is highly respected in the global financial services community thanks to her unique combination of analytical and world-class strategy expertise with global financial institutions, equity funds, and startups,” says Dror Katzav, Co-Founder and CEO of Atidot. “Her broad strategic perspective as well as the extensive technical know-how in our field of expertise will bring significant value to Atidot as we grow and extend our global reach. We welcome her to Atidot and look forward to working with her to increase our leadership in our sphere and explore new horizons together.”


“I am delighted to support Atidot in its quest for creating value in insurance,” says Isakina. “The industry is in the middle of a massive transformation, and Atidot, with its innovative cloud-based data science solutions platform, is at the forefront of this opportunity.”


About Atidot:

Atidot is a leader in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for the life insurance and annuity industry. Atidot’s cloud-based platform provides insurers with data-driven, actionable insights that create new revenue-generating opportunities to increase sales and customer retention. Atidot solutions also provide a deep understanding of insurers’ product positioning and competitive landscape, enabling carriers to adjust their product strategy and react quickly to changing market conditions and competition. Atidot works with industry leaders in North America and in Europe and was selected by Gartner to be ‘Cool Vendor 2019 in Insurance’. The company has offices in California, London, Spain, and Israel.

Atidot and Sureify Partner to Provide the Life Insurance Industry With Data Insights to Proactively

Atidot and Sureify Partner to Provide the Life Insurance Industry With Data Insights to Proactively

November 20th, 2018

Today, Atidot, an insurtech company empowering life insurers with big data and predictive analytics tools, and Sureify, a next-generation life and annuity platform enabling digital sales, service, and engagement, announced a new partnership to bring to their unique tools to the industry. The partnership will enable life insurers to collect new data in order to produce actionable insights, allowing carriers to more effectively engage with their policyholders. With information that is specific and relevant to each policyholder, carriers can improve how they monitor active policies for under-insurance or lapse potential, and proactively identify opportunities for cross and up-sell.


The partnership, with Atidot’s unique advanced AI capabilities and Sureify’s Lifetime platform, provides carriers with a solution that collects and utilizes previously unnoticed or underutilized data to produce new and actionable insights. Sureify’s Lifetime platform will digest most legacy data from a carrier but it also allows policyholders to share their social media accounts, geolocation, IoT data, and engagement analytics. With Atidot’s data analytics tools, insurance providers can combine data with actionable insights inserted into Sureify to effectively engage the customer and drive sales or leads.


“This partnership came about in a very organic way”, said Dror Katzav, CEO of Atidot. “Our complementary technologies are a natural fit, and together they offer an end to end solution for life insurance providers looking to add data powered tools to their offerings, ensuring that they stand out in an increasingly competitive market.”


The integration will enhance existing client-specific insights that facilitate data-driven business decisions. By providing carriers with tools to better identify consumer needs and improve interactions with their clients, providers can rest assured that policies remain as up-to-date and relevant to the customer as possible.


Dustin Yoder, CEO of Sureify believes the partnership can drastically improve the operational capabilities of major insurers. “Sureify’s Lifetime can provide both a great deal of new data but most importantly the engagement capability to go with it, and our partnership with Atidot will further enable us, and thus the life insurance carrier, to make meaningful conclusions and the subsequent action with their policyholders.”

Atidot CEO Dror Katzav to Speak on Panels and Lead Workshops at InsureTech Connect Conference in Las

Atidot CEO Dror Katzav to Speak on Panels and Lead Workshops at InsureTech Connect Conference in Las

October 1st, 2018

Dror Katzav, CEO and Co-Founder of Atidot, an insurance technology company empowering life insurance providers with big data and predictive analytics tools, will speak at several sessions during the upcoming InsureTech Connect conference in Las Vegas. During the Life and Annuity Showcase hosted by Hannover Re and Sureify, Dror will be discussing how Atidot’s tools for under-insurance discovery and the integration with Sureify can help carriers improve their customer engagement.

Atidot, which has been garnering growing attention from analysts, insurance partners, and technology companies, will be exhibiting at the conference for the third consecutive year. The company’s research and development team along with key executives will be offering live demonstrations of the platform at booth 222.

Atidot will also host a workshop with Microsoft on the 2nd of October, where Dror Katzav will be joined by Nick Leimer, Principal Industry Lead Azure for Insurance of Microsoft to discuss ‘How to Successfully Partner with a Startup, and Tips for Cloud and Data Initiatives’. Together they will cover how to overcome differences in issues such as opposing mindsets and cultural differences, and how to navigate the partnership in a productive and effective manner.
In addition, Atidot will be presenting as part of the Startup Bootcamp InsureTech Lounge hosted by Hartford InsurTech Hub as part of the pre-InsureTech Connect events.

Recently noted in reports from Willis Tower Watson- CB Insights, and Novarica, Atidot is solving the ‘big data question’ for the life insurance industry. With advanced analytics, the platform analyzes data already in the possession of the carrier, as well as open source and publicly available data, to generate insights and asses potential underinsurance cases. Armed with more accurate data, carriers can identify policies with a high lapse risk as well as policies providing insufficient coverage for their holders – and remedy the situation. Identifying these policies is a win-win for consumers, who can update their policies to reflect current needs, and the insurance providers, who by providing a higher level of service can retain customers and upgrade policies.